Smart Board pens will not work or light up

If there are no lights on the pens, then check the following.

1) Is this a computer with the smart board software installed.  Smartboard software is only installed on the teachers’ machine. The computer name must have -SB-LT or -SB-TD in the name for it to get the software.

2) Is the light on the right side of the smart board on and green?

If NO…Is the power cord plugged into the right side of the board? OR Is there a USB cable plugged into the hanging cord on the right side of the board and is the same USB cord plugged up to the computer?

3) Is the light on the right side of the board flashing green?  If it is flashing green you need to link the board to the pc either by using a USB cable, or the gray USB Dongle.  If the dongle is red and the board is flashing green then you need to sync the board to the dongle.


4) If the dongle light is green and the light on the right side of the smart board is solid green and the pens are still not working, then you may need to clean the pen tray.

See KB Article

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