iPad Setup (Method Two: Devices Purchased From a Retailer or Prior to 2011, also used with devices that cannot be factory reset.)

This method is for devices than cannot be factory reset or cannot use auto enrollment to join Profile Manager.  The latest iOS should be installed prior to enrollment.  This method can still only be used on devices who are known to Profile Manager, meaning they must have been included on an inventory sent to us.

On your iPad, stay connected to our wireless (if you cannot connect to the normal wireless for whatever reason, connect to the MobileDeviceSetup network using the password “apple123”).  Open Safari and navigate to http://wcboe-macbook.wcs.local/mydevices and sign in with your Active Directory Credentials (with the same name and password you use to log on to computers).  The website will prompt you to trust a certificate, please do so.


Once signed in you should see an enroll button, click this and then go through the steps always answering in the affirmative (Install, Tust, etc.)

appleclicktoenrollappleinstallprofilemanualappleinstallconfigmanual apple-trustremotemanagementinstallingprofilemanualapplefinishedmanualenroll

Wait 30 seconds or so for the profile to completely install (Just because it says it is done doesn’t mean that it is so.) then either reboot the device or manually switch your wifi connection from MobileDeviceSetup to MobileDevices. Should your iPad ask for a password or display any other message when attempting to connect to the MobileDevices SSID, please click cancel or dismiss and ensure you get a checkmark besides the SSID.  For some reason is occasionally prompts even when there is no need to.


That’s it, you’re finished.


Last Update: October 12, 2016  

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