Half of the Displayed Image is Missing


The Smartboard only has half of the computer screen projected onto it. This is a known issue with the Smartboard UF55 model.


  1. Make sure that the resolution on the laptop is set to 1024×768.
    1. To change the resolution, right click anywhere on the desktop and click Display Settings.
    2. On Windows 10, click Advanced Display
    3. Under Resolution, click the drop-down box and change the resolution to 1024×768. While this does create empty black bars on the sides of the laptop screen, this fixes the projection issue on the SmartBoard screen.
    4. Click Apply and then Okay.
  2. Toggle the input from Input 1 to Input 2 and then back to the original selection.


One of the two solutions should fully center the projected image onto the SmartBoard.

Last Update: April 7, 2017  

May 18, 2016   641   corey.cutler    Projector, SmartBoard  
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