2017-2018 School Year

The new school year is here once again. Below are the changes that have happened over the summer.

Ceredo Elem, Crum Elem, Crum Middle, and Kenova Elem were all closed.  Three of the schools were cleaned out and torn down to make way for the two new schools.  Due to these closures we had a supply of Smart Board and Smart Board projectors that we could use to replace dead Smart Board projectors and old Intelliboards.  Most of these items should have been replaced by the time school starts back for this year.  Dead equipment was replaced based on work orders and the lists that were sent to us from the schools Sysops.  If you still have a missing or pixelated Smart Projector, please let us know.

1 — All known Intelliboards have been removed from the schools.

2 — All known dead Smart Projectors have been replaced.

3 — Windows 10 Upgrade

Starting around September or October, Microsoft will release another update to Windows 10 which will require us to update all of our Windows 10 machines.  Due to the way Microsoft releases updates to Windows 10 now this will happen twice a year for the foreseeable future.

4 — Starting this year all teachers will be able to enter work orders themselves which will automatically be assigned to your schools sysop by default.  Teachers will be able to receive updates via email and interact with the tech working on their open tickets.  If the sysop cant help you with then the work order then it will be assigned to a county technician.

5 — 1000 new laptops have been added to our system.  A couple of computer labs were also replaced or updated.

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Network Engineer / Technology Specialist for Wayne County Schools.I have worked in technology in the school system since the mid 90's.

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