Smart Boards, Intelliboards, and Projectors

All School Sysops
Please send me a list of any rooms that have bad projectors, or rooms where the projectors have been taken and have not been replaced.

Please send this list as school name, room number, and problem. I need to know if the projector is bad or missing in your list. Do not list rooms where you just need a bulb.

If you have a damaged Smart Board or an intelliboard or anything that isn’t a “Smart” Board please let me know the rooms for those as well.


Dunlow Room 5 Projector Missing
Buffalo Grade Room 12 Pixelated display

Tolisa HS  Room 10  Has an intelliboard

We plan to replace these intelliboards and projectors “if possible” over the summer.  This may be tough to do since we are closing 4 schools and opening 2 new ones.


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Network Engineer / Technology Specialist for Wayne County Schools.I have worked in technology in the school system since the mid 90's.

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